Introduction to Investment

Any investor knows that it pays to do your research. We at Procities also understand that for many property investing is a way for them to build up an income on the side or to prepare for the future while their main focus is elsewhere. This means that your property portfolio is not getting the time, attention and care it deserves. Not only do our property professionals have a wealth of global experience, we understand a portfolio will only perform as well as the effort put into building it. Why invest in a portfolio that is only just getting you by or creating stress in your precious free time? ProCities can help do all research for you, as sourcing agents, to source the best opportunities for your portfolio.

At ProCities, we know each investor has a different aim in mind when building their portfolio's, as such our investors get a dedicated Property Professional who will take pride in getting to know you and how you want your portfolio to work and provide advice aligned with your goals. We source investment opportunities from across the UK to suit investors at every stage of their journey. Our extensive network allows us to tap into the local knowledge of all the major cities in the UK so we can provide vital local insights to Investors.

We also have a extensive list of good yielding, hands-off investment opportunities across the country. Check out our Development Highlights for more information.


- Do you have very little free time to spend doing the things you enjoy?

- Are you finding it hard to keep up with the ever-changing market?

- Is your portfolio not giving you what you want?

- Want experienced advice on your portfolio?

- Unsure if you are getting a good deal?

- Find the purchase process to be too stressful?

If you answered Yes or agreed with any of these questions, then you could benefit from having a dedicated sourcing agent!

While we aim to be able to provide you with a property that you would love straight away, there are times, when such properties are not available. By registering your details with us, we can keep you informed of any new properties that we feel you would be interested in.


Our sourcing service is not just for Investors. We help all who need this service whether you are looking to relocate, purchasing another property or just don't want all the hassle of looking around. ProCities can help you find the right property for you.

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